WELS Hymnal Project

Speakers Bureau

Members of the WELS Hymnal Project are available to present on hymnal- and worship-related topics to your circuit, conference, or other gathering. You can browse a list of available topics on this page, as well as see upcoming presentations scheduled across WELS. Requests for speakers may be made using our contact form.

More Than a Melody: What Shall We Sing?

The relationship between text and melody in Lutheran hymnody is an important one. This presentation educates, informs, and provides a useful understanding of how melodies and texts work together to carry the gospel.

Retranslation of German Hymns and the Current Status of the Lutheran Chorale

The Lutheran chorale is a beloved part of our worship heritage. These melodies accompany excellent German texts that are useful still today. This presentation discusses the current status of the Lutheran chorale and proposes methods to preserve the use of great German texts in today's churches.

Rites for a New Hymnal Project

With a new hymnal project comes an opportunity to reconsider the various rites we use in worship. This presentation discusses some workable strategies to evaluate and improve the rites we use in our churches.

A Revamped Lectionary as a Multi-Year Project

With the introduction of ´╗┐Christian Worship: Supplement (CWS) a revised, "supplemental" lectionary was produced for use in WELS congregations. This presentation discusses the overall direction and process of improvement in the lectionary system.

Psalmody for a New Hymnal Project

The psalter is the hymn book of the Bible. Lutherans have long cherished the psalms as a key part of their worship. This presentation will offer participants the opportunity to review, discuss, and understand the various approaches to psalmody that could be used in the future worship of WELS.

Using Guitar in Worship

Guitar use in Lutheran parishes is growing in popularity. This presentation discusses approaches to using guitar to tastefully enhance music in worship.

Technology Projections for a New Hymnal Project

Where will technology be when the new hymnal is released? Forecasting the future of technology is a difficult task, but the fact is that many current technologies will be useful for building a digital hymnal product. In this presentation, Bassett explains how thoughtful, tasteful, and functional technology can maximize the e´ČÇectiveness of the new hymnal project.

Psalms in the New Hymnal: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going

Grace Hennig and Dan Witte, members of the Psalmody Committee, walk participants through the history of psalmody in WELS worship and offer a preview of what's coming in the new WELS hymnal. Using Psalm 23 as a guide, this presentation previews the kind of musical variety available in the psalms.